How to Check Google Rank For Keyword

Search Engine Optimization is widely considered to be one of the most important components of any website, because not only will this in turn help to increase traffic, but also the search engine rank. After all, a website with a high search engine ranking is regarded to be more credible by customers. However, without proper care and effort it’s easy to sacrifice SEO without realizing the long term consequences.

In order to check google rank for keyword for a keyword, Google ranks the number of hits received on a page over time. A higher ranking usually translates to better placement. But what do these “hits” mean? The actual number of hits refers to how many times that particular keyword appears on the page.

So how can we compare the amount of traffic using keywords? First, look at the density of the keyword in your content. If the keyword appears frequently and you add that word throughout the content, that could mean a few hundred hits per month. Conversely, if the keyword is used sparingly and only a small amount of your content is related to the keyword, then that could mean thousands of hits per month. It doesn’t matter if it’s one hit or one thousand, but just how often the keyword appears within the text.

Now for that keyword density you want to look at the number of times the keyword appears within the title tag and the content of the page. Some people prefer the amount of keywords they use on a page to be greater than the total of the number of words used in the rest of the content. Some prefer smaller keyword amounts. And others still prefer even fewer keywords on their pages, depending on the site’s theme.

Another way to compare the number of keywords used in a given article, is to check out the rank of other keywords on the same page. On Google search results, the number of keywords appearing next to your selected keyword indicates the rank that the keyword has. If the keyword is heavily used, then it will be on the first page and it will probably be in the top three. On the second page, the number of “similar” words would indicate the rank of the keyword has, with the keywords being ranked higher and more highly ranking keywords appearing lower and with lesser number of competitors.

For a website to have the highest possible SEO ranking, the site should be designed in such a way that makes it easy for the search engine to index easily. This means that your website should be structured properly and use properly designed keywords. The search engine would only return relevant results if your website is built in such a way. However, one thing that doesn’t have anything to do with SEO or search engine optimization is the number of keywords used on a page.

It’s true that some people say it’s better to have more words than fewer, but in order to get high rankings, having fewer words isn’t necessarily the best thing. Why? Because the search engine considers different things when looking at a website, including how many words are used on a page, how many variations there are of a word and how many different synonyms and synonym meanings a word has. As such, a person writing a 500 word article for example, might not rank as highly as a person with many, if any, keywords in their articles.

The more keywords used in a webpage the higher its rank. And what is often times overlooked is the importance of good and quality content in order to get a high ranking from the search engines.